Until I started taking my antidepressants, though, I didn’t actually know that I was depressed. I thought the dark staticky corners were part of who I was. It was the same way I felt before I put on my first pair of glasses at age 14 and suddenly realized that trees weren’t green blobs but intricate filigrees of thousands of individual leaves; I hadn’t known, before, that I couldn’t see the leaves, because I didn’t realize that seeing leaves was a possibility at all. And it wasn’t until I started using tools to counterbalance my depression that I even realized there was depression there to need counterbalancing. I had no idea that not everyone felt the gravitational pull of nothingness, the ongoing, slow-as-molasses feeling of melting down into a lump of clay. I had no way of knowing that what I thought were just my ingrained bad habits — not being able to deposit checks on time, not replying to totally pleasant emails for long enough that friendships were ruined, having silent meltdowns over getting dressed in the morning, even not going to the bathroom despite really, really, really having to pee — weren’t actually my habits at all. They were the habits of depression, which whoa, holy shit, it turns out I had a raging case of. Not Everyone Feels This Way — The Archipelago — Medium (via brutereason)

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Madonna be like


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You listen to every song in order

You don’t just jump from Kettles to Haiti, like what the fuck is wrong with you.

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sorry to break it to you all but being a fan of someone is not a competition, in competitions there are losers and winners, but in a fandom there are only losers and it’s all of us


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Do NOT shame people for choosing not to go to school.

Do NOT insult people for dropping out.

Do NOT teach your children that dropping out means you are a failure. 

You never know what’s going on in that person’s life.


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I really fucking hate it when guys act like marriage is literally the end of their lives like if it’s so fucking bad, and you hate it so much, don’t get fucking married and put your spouse through hell because you’re shit. If you feel trapped you’re doing it wrong.

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when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings

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